Welcome to the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the California Dressage Society's website! We are a progressive chapter of 100 plus members from Northern Nevada and the outlying areas sharing the same passion, dressage!


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If you wish to send and recieve emails, get updates, and stay informed join SNC-Dressage on Google Groups Go to SNC-Dressage group email list and click the "ask to join" button at the top. We will post announcements to the SNC webpage but the quickest way to get information is via the group. Sign up today and let your friends know!

Custom Stock Ties, Belts & Purses:

Need a new stock tie or vintage pin to spiff up your show attire? Looking for a one of a kind purse or belt? Dara James Designs proudly introduces new stock tie designs for the dressage show ring! Dara James Designs was founded by our very own SNC member, Susan Ward. All Dara James Designs products are hand made to the highest quality level. A portion of proceeds will go to the Equestrian Aid Foundation, specifically for those affected by breast cancer. Visit www.darajamesdesigns.com.


Chapter meetings are held one evening each month unless otherwise determined by the Board Of Directors. The location of the meetings will be posted to the web site and announced to the group prior to the meetings. Meetings are open to the membership.

Next Chapter Meeting: To be announced.


To become a Sierra Nevada Chapter member of the California Dressage Society, please use the following link 'Become a CDS Member' and select Sierra Nevada as your chapter preference.